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AGM Minutes 2014

Below is the extract from the AHR Minutes, pertaining to handicapping, from the meeting held on the 12th November 2014.

Annual Handicap Review

Results compiled from whole year, updated using latest handicaps, were studied.  Races judged unrepresentative and those with less than 4 finishers have been excluded from the averages. A principle measure used was the percentage of top 3 places gained by each yacht.

Unrepresentative races:  29/6/14 EACC Sunday pm, 6/8/14 Horning Week Wednesday races, 18/8/14 Oulton Week Monday evening, 19/8/14 Tuesday lunchtime.

A further list was considered with the two afternoon races at NBYC on the 5th/6th July, and the Barton Saturday afternoon race, all sailed in very light winds. It was felt that they were generally representative especially for the faster boats.  They were however checked against the handicap changes to see if they invalidated the decisions, which they did not.

Cantley Regatta and the Ray Perriman Race were also reconsidered but were judged generally representative by committee members who took part in them.

52 Maidie – email received notifying committee that lower mast will be renewed using a carbon tube. It completes the carbon rig, with lightweight fittings.   A 2% hardening was proposed and agreed unanimously taking handicap from +8 to +10%. 1% for mast and 1% for high percentage of places in top 3, including 5 wins.  The committee noted that the handicap had not been hardened in May when informed of the carbon top spar and gaff.

321 Dreamer - looked at but not really enough races to warrant an increase so no change proposed and agreed.

13 Ladybird – 7 wins from 10 races and some with large margins led to a proposal of 2% hardening, then a second proposal for 3% which was seconded and agreed unanimously, taking handicap from -7 to -4%.

217 Melinda – 52% places in top 3, 14 of them wins. A hardening of 2% proposed but not seconded. A further proposal of 1% proposed and agreed by majority, taking handicap from -2% to -1%.

3 Raisena – Good results but season cut short by broken mast. It was decided to leave until we see the replacement mast.

369 Moonshadow – good average but not many races – decided to leave for the time being.

50 Vacuna – one from the bottom of the averages.  Due to poor results an easing of 1% proposed and agreed unanimously, taking handicap from -15 to -16%.

122 Martlet – Due to poor results an easing of 1% proposed and agreed unanimously, taking handicap from -16 to -17%.

177 Breeze  - only 13 races sailed but only 1 place within top 3.  An easing of 1% proposed and agreed by majority, taking handicap from +1 to scratch.

393 Hassle – 1 top 3 place in 15 races. 1% easing proposed and agreed by majority, taking handicap from -5 to -6%.

403 May – One place in 14 races. 1% easing proposed and agreed by majority, taking handicap from -8 to -9%.

22 Moonraker– poor results and seems on a downward trend. 1% easing proposed and agreed by majority, taking handicap from scratch to -1%.

218 Mystery – lowish percentage but has had some good results – no change at the moment.

323 StarlightLady had requested a review.  Looked at in conjunction with Meggie.  Starlight’s results relatively poor and a 1% easing was proposed and agreed unanimously, taking handicap from +14 to +13%.

373 Meggie – no change at present. 

400 Swallow – results middling - no change at the moment.

Several peer groups were looked at, one scratch to +6, from which Moonraker emerged. A group of handicaps from -4 to -9 were brought up and then extended to -1 to -9. Three yachts stood out: 18 Vagabond, 15 Pirate and 265 Joy.  All had 60% or above of top 3 places and a 1% hardening was proposed for each and agreed unanimously.

18 Vagabond - goes from -5 to -4%, 15 Pirate -9 to -8% and 265 Joy -6 to -5%.

Group over -16%: 169 Pandora 3 – 7 top 3 places, 5 of them wins in 16 races.  1% hardening proposed and agreed unanimously, taking handicap from -16 to -15%.

359 Rebecca and 179 Waxwing were put on a provisional handicap having failed to complete 3 races over 2 years.

No ratifications.

All together, 119 yachts were considered.

AGM Minutes 2013

Below is the extract from the Minutes, pertaining to handicapping, from the meeting on the 8th October 2014.

Results and Handicaps

Results from Cecil Howard, YNR and YSC Autumn Regatta were looked at.

99 Pan – has generally been fairly well down in fleet, apart from winning the Round the Island Race.  Enough races have been sailed for ratification though the committee felt an easing of 1% justified.  Pan ratification on -17% proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously.

169 Pandora 3 – Some discussion about recent successes and 1% increase proposed, followed by a proposal for 2%.  There was no seconder for the 2%.  A further suggestion was to refer it to the AHR but some felt that members were expecting a change.  Only the Cecil Howard win had a large margin and so the 1% was proposed and seconded and agreed by majority. The handicap is now 16% but this does not preclude it being reviewed at the AHR.

52 Maidie – looked at briefly but also referred to the AHR.

127 Privateer – enough races completed and ratified on -7%.


Below is the extract from the Minutes, pertaining to handicapping, from the meeting on the 10th September 2014.

Results and Handicaps

Results from Oulton Week, Barton Regatta & Oulton Cruiser Open were looked at.

323 Starlight  Recent results discussed but there was not enough justification to ease the handicap but we will review it at the AHR.

52 Maidie – did not excell in the Oulton midday series but did come 3rd overall in the fast fleet.  It is clear that she goes well in heavy winds.  Maidie performed better in the evening series, winning overall and in the following Oulton Cruiser Open.  2% hardening proposed and agreed by majority, taking handicap to +8

216 Tamara – performed very well at Oulton while on a provisional handicap.   A handicap of 16% proposed (a 3% hardening) and agreed unanimously – to ratify on 16%.

13 Ladybird – Extremely good results but in very few races.  Obviously performs well in light winds.  2% hardening proposed and agreed unanimously.  Handicap now 7%

369 Moonshadow – discussed briefly but it was felt it hasn’t really got going yet. One to watch.

370 Glory – ratified on 4% last time before noting handicap on database was 6%. Ratification proposed on 6% and agreed unanimously. 

177 Breeze – Barton results looked at – decided to defer to AHR

400 Swallow – mixed results but mostly sails at Horning.  To defer to AHR.


Below is the extract from the Minutes, pertaining to handicapping, from the meeting on the 13 August 2014.

Results and Handicaps

Results from the 2nd NBYC weekend, Wroxham Week, Horning Week and Breydon Regatta were looked at.

52 Maidie had very successful compaigns in both the 2nd NBYC open and Wroxham week. A general point was made that a 10 year old handicap for a rig change should not be automatically reinstated. One or two wins with large margins and others in excess of 2% were noted though there were also some margins of around 1%. It was thought that Maidie had done well even when over the line at the start or after making a poor start. 2% hardening was proposed but then a counter proposal of 3% was made. No seconder could be found for the 3%. 2% was proposed again, seconded and agreed by a majority.

113 Viking also did well Wroxham Week and proved to be very fast in light winds. 3% hardening proposed and agreed unanimously.

295 Sylkie was looked at as she had won the 2nd Cruiser weekend. Results were not so good Wroxham Week however so no change proposed at present but she does become one to watch.

71 Sabrina has done 4 races, 2 in 2013 and 2 so far this year. Ratified on 12%.

370 Glory had done sufficient races but results showed her on 4% most of the time. Database showed she is on 6% so held over until next meeting.

341 Lady Harriett also sailed Wroxham Week but being a heavy weather boat fared badly. Ratified and eased from 6p to 10%.

332 Fritillary also sailed enough races and was ratified and eased from 19p to 21%.

Below is the extract from the Minutes, pertaining to handicapping, from the meeting on the 16th July 2014.

Results and Handicaps

NBYC 1st cruiser weekend was looked at first.  The 2nd race on both the Saturday and Sunday were not really thought representative. 

373 Meggie stood out as having won all four races and with significant margins, although the largest margin was in one of the two races judged unrepresentative. It is understood that the engine has been moved from the front of the yacht to a more central position in the cabin on the advice of the designer and that may have improved the balance and led to more speed.  Discussions floated between a 2% or 3% hardening and settled into the 2% hardening, so +14 to +16% proposed and agreed by majority with one abstention.

321 Dreamer also did well, winning two races and was considered to be another “one to watch”. 

Cantley Regatta was looked at next.  It was reported that the weather was changeable, with squalls and flat calms in the same race, not to mention torrential rain at times.  The second race set off an hour before HW and had a wind change from SW to SE, coupled with a flat calm which bunched the boats.

Nevertheless members who had attended thought the races were largely representative.

169 Pandora III won the weekend and had significant margins but it was felt there were sufficient vagaries in the conditions, as reported and corroborated by committee members present at the Regatta, as to make the results suspect. No change at the moment though definitely “one to watch”.  The replacement of Pandora III’s  wooden topsail spar with an aluminium one was noted but no change to the handicap was proposed, seconded and agreed.

EACC Open looked at:  218 Mystery went very well in the windy conditions and also becomes “one to watch”.  All races were representative over the weekend.

392 Barney Too completed 3 races.  Ratified on -25% - proposed and agreed unanimously.

3 Raisena – plans were produced of a new masthead jib.  Chris was invited to leave the room which he did.  No change was proposed and agreed unanimously

Below is the extract from the Minutes, pertaining to handicapping, from the meeting on the 18th June 2014.

Results and Handicaps

Results looked at from Ray Perriman Race, TMOR, Punt Club Cruiser Open and Reedham Regatta.  Fairly breezy weather for all races, around force 3 for TMOR and 4+ for Punt Club and Reedham (most, if not all yachts were reefed at Barton). All races at these events were judged representative with possible exception of the Ray Perriman passage race.

244 Catspaw - the Captain asked the committee to look at his handicap and left the room. Vice Captain led discussion. Races at TMOR and Punt Club studied. Any races won were by less than 1%.  No change was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously.

15 Pirate – races at TMOR studied, 3 wins by less than 1% margin, one by 2.7%.  One to keep an eye on but no change proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously.

385 Slantendicular – third race sailed within 2 years – request for ratification received from owner.  Some discussion as to whether the Ray Perriman race was acceptable but result was well down in fleet so eventually ratification on -9 proposed and agreed unanimously.

229 Ceres – Raced at TMOR and Barton, results middling. Before that yacht hadn’t raced for many years so form unknown.  Ratification on -15 proposed and agreed unanimously.       

Below is the extract from the Minutes, pertaining to handicapping, from the meeting on the 21st May 2014.

 Results and Handicapping

265 Joy – A new rudder has been put in matching the original which was damaged last year.   No change to handicap proposed and agreed unanimously. Handicap remains at 6%

385 Slantendicular – a further adjustment has been made to the rudder. The committee were of the opinion the adjustment would not lead to more speed.  No change to handicap proposed and agreed unanimously. 

52 Maidie – There is a change to gaff rig this year and Maidie was given the handicap of +4p (the handicap when she was last using a gaff rig) in readiness. Results from the Spring Regatta looked at and the +4 thought to be right (same sails are being used as when formerly on gaff rig).  Proposal to set handicap at +4 was seconded and agreed unanimously. 

217 Melinda Paul Howes reported a rig change, a carbon mast, gaff and sprit and a taller, integral topsail gaff rig.  Acle results were also studied, although the handicap change is principally for the rig change.  A detailed sail plan was supplied and a hardening of 1%, changing the handicap from 3 to 2 was proposed and agreed by majority, 1 against. 

There followed a discussion as to whether the Acle races should be considered representative, especially involving a pursuit race.  There were also rumours among some class members that some boats were ‘sand-bagging’. Those committee members sailing at Acle mainly dismissed charges of sandbagging and said that strong tides might have made it look as if some boats were tacking square across the river. 

13 Ladybird – Chris Bunn plans to helm the boat in the 3 Rivers Race, thereafter the owner Clive Richardson will be sailing her, an experienced sailor but not as a racing helmsman.  There followed some discussion as to whether Chris was being given an unfair advantage and whether the handicap of 9% was too lenient and unfair to other cruiser competitors. A sail plan was studied and the new rig is slightly smaller than the old one. 

A handicap of 8% was proposed but not supported by the majority of the committee. Several committee members felt that even if the handicap was considered wrong, there was no real evidence to show that, so it should be ratified on 9%.  Ratification on 9% was proposed, seconded and agreed by 6 for, 1 against and 2 abstentions. Chris remained present throughout the discussion and vote. 

218 Mystery – The boat is known to have a new (second-hand) rig but no details were supplied, only a photograph taken at Acle.  Some committee members knew the boat quite well and thought the rig would make a big change to the performance of the boat. One member knew it particularly well and said that though it was clinker built it was a very light boat and felt that it should be on a handicap of 13%.  Another felt, from the photo, it looked a 12% boat.  As we have no sail plan it was decided not to ratify Mystery.  Eventually a handicap to 13p% was proposed, seconded, 8 for 1 against. 

69 June Bird – several races completed during Spring Regatta, ratification on 17% proposed and agreed unanimously.

373 Meggie – Spring Regatta and club results at NBYC were reviewed, as Meggie has some good winning margins.  One to be watched.

Questions of how to deal with handicaps from those who do not join the RCC were raised.

Non-members to stay on the agenda and should something about it go in the magazine? (though non members will not receive it).  Should we ratify them or should they even be allowed to race in RCC events?  It was noted that we have no control as to how the clubs run their events.

Post meeting note: subsequent to the meeting of 21st May, Mystery's old and new sail plans were received from the owners on 23rd May, the plans were circulated by email to all Committee members on 27th May and a vote on the proposal to ratify was taken by email in the period 27th to 29th May. Of the committee members present at the meeting of 21st May, all responded and the proposal to ratify on 13% was carried by simple majority, of 5 For, one qualified For, and three against, excluding the Captain's vote. Two more committee members who were absent from the meeting also voted for ratification.



This is the extract from the Minutes, pertaining to handicapping, from the meeting on the 9th April 2014.

Results and Handicapping Review

321 Dreamer – Put on provisional at the AHR.  Three results have been found from NBYC club racing.   Handicap ratified on -4%, proposed and agreed unanimously.

302 Vixen – Pip Rooney’s sail measurements looked at – a 14% reduction in sail area.  Handicap changed from -9 to -10, proposed and agreed unanimously. 

414 Grayling  Kevin Priest asked the committee to harden his handicap as he felt he was sailing at too great an advantage at his club, Coldham Hall.  Committee members from the same club agreed that the boat did appear faster than the handicap would suggest and were of the opinion that he wasn’t sailing very much because he felt embarrassed by it.   A change, as per Kevin’s request, of -7 to -5% was proposed and agreed unanimously.  Letters to go.

This is the extract from the approved minutes of the committee meeting on the 15th January 2014, approved on 9th April 2014, relating to handicapping discussions.

6) Results and Handicapping Review

86 Moss Rose - It was felt that the NSBA did not understand the nature of the AHR and that was why their advice was to reverse the 2012 handicap decision. 

The new committee reviewed the original decision. Moss Rose’s results in EACC races in 2012 and TMOR races 2012 and 2013 were looked at again and the committee decided on the basis of those race results that 7% continues to be the appropriate handicap.

Unanimous decision of committee.  Letter to go.

Mimosa and Sparklet decisions to stand from the AHR in November 13. The decisions at the AHR noted that neither boat had completed many races, but those they had indicated their handicap was inappropriate, and a peer review, with boats of comparable length and rig, was the basis of the revised handicap.

Mimosa remains on provisional.  She could be reconsidered if she sailed enough to have a ratified handicap.