Welcome to the official web site of the River Cruiser Class, the organisation for owners of traditional cabin yachts, indigenous to the Norfolk Broads.

The class consists of over 400 inland waterways sailing yachts, designed specifically and exclusively for cruising and racing the Broads network of lakes and rivers in Norfolk and North Suffolk.

Of these river cruisers, several are over 100 years old, and over 150 were built before 1940.

The Class is not however confined to a vintage and veteran boat collection, with a large proportion of registered yachts built in the past 20 years, and new class yachts are regularly launched every few years.

The site has two functions:

  • It serves to co-ordinate and inform the River Cruiser Class membership
  • It is a reference portal for the 200 year history of Broads yachting, together with the unique racing craft and leisure industry to which it has given birth.

Our Facebook page contains lots of regular updates including race notices, regatta photos & regular updates for members. https://www.facebook.com/rivercruiserclass/

Upcoming events / diary dates / news

 YareSailingClub 2022


Saturday 20th August - Round the Island River Cruiser Race  Details Link


Barton Regatta – Saturday August 27 to Monday August 29

Barton Broad Open Regatta and the Norfolk Punt Club Regatta have merged to become a single 3 day Barton Regatta – starting late Saturday morning, finishing Monday afternoon.

As well as 35 trophies, this new Barton Regatta features a band, bar and food at Cox’s Barn on Saturday evening, plus on Sunday afternoon water frolics and a Hog Roast on the pontoon.  There’s also (for your non-cruiser friends!) a campsite and regular ferries out to the Broad. 

The first race on Saturday has also been moved to the afternoon so you have time to make it from Oulton and still have a decent chance of taking some trophies home..!

To enter sailing series and book your food, go to https://webcollect.org.uk/npc/event/barton-regatta-race-information-entry.

For more info, see www.bartonbroadopenregatta.co.uk.

See you there for the Grand Finale to the Summer sailing season.

The Barton Regatta Committee

Sunday 11th September - Cecil Howard River Cruiser Race  Details link