Events 2023

Acle Regatta Round the Island Race
Thurne Mouth Open Regatta Oulton week midday  evening
Ray Perryman Trophy Barton Regatta
YSC Rockland Regatta WOBYC open
Punt Club open Cecil Howard Memorial Race
1st NBYC open Yare Navigation Race
EACC RCC Open YSC Autumn Open
YSC Cantley Regatta NBYC Autumn Open
2nd NBYC open Autumn Trophy
Wroxham week SSC Tri-Icicle
Horning Week YSC Turkey Race
Breydon Regatta  

These results are compiled by the results coordinator from the data sent in after racing - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There are 16 events. The best six results will count towards the trophy but no more than five on any one side of Great Yarmouth (Breydon Regatta counts as a Southern Rivers event).  Points will be accrued 1 for a win, 2 for a second and so on. Due to the size of the events, there will be three separate sets of results for the Yare Navigation Race, the Wilberforce Smith, Jeckells Trophy and Starlight Lady results.
An interim listing may be published following Wroxham Week.   (Results)

There are 8 events. The best four results will count towards the trophy but no more than three on any one Broad.  Points will be accrued 1 for a win, 2 for second etc, the least number of points being the winner. (results)

Presented by Giles O'Dwyer & Elizabeth Bryan at a special Regatta to mark Crystal's centenary in 2001.To be raced for annually in a single race at a River Cruiser event, as nominated each year by the winner at the time of presentation. The venue and organiser of the nominated event must change each year, the idea being that the trophy will travel from club to club as widely as possible, visiting both the northern and southern rivers.

The race results used for awarding the Sabrina and Snowbird trophies are reviewed at the end of the season to ensure positions are not affected by the inclusion of a result obtained whilst on a provisional handicap.
The Crystal Ball, Sabrina and Snowbird events will be listed in the Green Book and in the Events Calendar.